We’ve all come to realise that nothing ever stays the same. Aside from the unstoppable technological evolution, local and worldwide economic developments force us to compete with companies that play by different rules. Continuously optimising our productivity and efficiency has become the name of the game. Emsys Papertracing helps companies in the paper, printing and packaging sector measure their logistical production processes by means of an integrated monitoring system (PSS) of scanning equipment and clever analysis software with intelligible dashboards.
PSS is also available in SaaS (software as a service) format. Online access from anywhere at a very affordable monthly rate!


What do we measure?


We measure every single step of the process, from the minute your warehouse takes delivery of the goods, as they are being processed on the shop floor, until such time as they are dispatched to the customer. This registration and validation process allows us to calculate various KPIs (key performance indicators) by means of PSS, e.g.:

• The number of days paper is stored in the warehouse.

• The number of paper movements per shift, per employee, per piece of equipment.

• The number of incorrect movements and actions.

• The type of incorrect movements and actions.

• Discrepancies between the paper used and calculated.

• The different types of damage.

• The incorrect paper used per job.

• The type of error made (paper density, width, product, etc.)

• And a whole lot more...

PSS immediately converts these KPIs, linked to parameters you can enter yourself, into accurate and conveniently arranged error costs, giving you an instant overview of your work process problems and allowing you to immediately introduce improvements, such as a more logical logistics flow, a change in purchase policy, staff adjustments and training, equipment optimisation, etc., there and then.

Plenty of printing businesses do currently not have any insight into these processes and therefore have no idea of the error costs involved. Or of how they mount up for that matter. Aside from being an expensive exercise, a one-off and often costly analysis by means of internal, manual measurements or those performed by an external consultant will not produce the information you need to chart the evolution of your improvement processes. With PSS however you will from now, always and ever have your finger on the pulse.

What will these data allow you to do?


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